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Warning!!!!!!.....Do Not do business with Nationwide Medical Inc.

Look online for your CPAP Supplies...they will be 1/2 as expensive!! They will also let you know the price before your hit with a HUGE BILL!!!!!

Other Companies will send you what you order, not things you haven't and then bill you for it, like Nationwide Medical does.

I only hope I have helped just ONE other person from getting taken advantage of by Nationwide Medical Inc.

They should be ashamed of their over pricing and way of doing business.

I feel one of their goals is to rip off Patients and Insurance Companies.

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I wish that I had checked out this company before signing up.

They have put me through a living *** for the last year.

I cancelled my account due to billing discrepancies, and finding that I could purchase supplies out of pocket for considerable less than my "co-pay" through insurance. They continue to charge me for packages that were returned and packages that were never sent.

My husband and I both call them on a regular basis, email and leave message on their website - to no avail. We are promised that everything is taken care of, and then the next month it starts all over again, with additional charges for interest on the returned packages, along with packages that I've never received.

We are caught in a never ending battle.

Oh - and don't EVER bother trying to call them. You will never reach a representative and it's a waste of time leaving a message because they will never call you back, unless it's an automated threat message!

At this point it has NOTHING to do with my health insurance company. This is completely due to Nationwide Medical!


The people you should be upset with are your insurance company. They are the one's who set the prices that companies charge them for services and insurance companies also set the co-pays and deductibles based on those prices they set.

If you don't like your healthcare plan or coverage, you should either get a different one or complain about them on this site rather than taking it out on healthcare providers who have no choice in the matter.

You should be ASHAMED of your posting without adequate knowledge. :)

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